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A Grab & Go food offering means that schools can offer a truly contactless service to ensure that social distancing rules are adhered to. Our Pre-order app makes it easy to offer speed of service and control traffic flow with designated collection points.

Reduced contact

Our Pre-order app, Fusion Online, removes transactions from the dining hall to offer a truly contactless identification method. Secondary school pupils can order their favourite lunches straight from their mobile device to simply pick up from a designated collection point at lunchtime.  Schools can assign multiple collection points in the school dining hall to help control the flow of traffic and ensure pupils are following social distancing guidelines. 

Increased efficiencies

Fusion Online sends pre-ordered meal choices to the kitchen ahead of time. This means that catering staff can prepare meals in advance for pupils to collect at lunchtime, offering schools an increased speed of service and a reduction in food wastage. Historical data is also available for catering teams to help predict trends, plan ahead, and have better control of stock. 

Fusion Online: Pre-ordering solution for secondary schools

One simple solution
Pre-Order, online payments and contactless cards


Remove cash
With iPay online payments

iPay seamlessly connects to your cashless system, which means that parents can top-up their child's account online; and pupils can see their live cashless balance via our pre-ordering app.

When pupils pre-order their lunch selection via Fusion Online, their cashless balance is adjusted accordingly meaning their lunch is already ordered and paid for ahead of lunchtime. The combination of iPay and Fusion Online means that schools can completely remove any physical transaction from the dining hall. 

No contact
With contactless cards

Schools across the UK are implementing pre-ordering software to remove the need for contact entirely. For truly contactless lunch service, we recommend a solution that offers the following three functionalities; removal of cash from your school (online payment provision), pre-ordering software that allows pupils to order and pick up their lunch with no contact (pre-order app), and contactless cards to replace cash and other physical transactions.

Easily activated
Simply Grab & Go

This simple software is seamlessly connected to our cashless solution to assist schools in implementing a Grab & Go catering offering. 

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