Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology is a contactless biometric method that enhances the speed of service and retains the security of fingerprints whilst eliminating the requirement to physically touch a scanner making school meals purchases completely contactless.


With Facial Recognition, pupils simply select their meal, look at the camera and go, speeding up the lunchtime service whilst removing any contact at the point of sale.


This truly contactless identification method means catering teams can safely increase their speed of service by simplifying the payment process for students who no longer need to carry any form of identification such as a card or even enter a PIN.


Facial recognition data is encrypted using AES 256 and is either stored on a school server within the secure school network or hosted on a secure Azure server by CRB Cunninghams.

POS operators can quickly and securely identify the pupil's cashless account, and payments are instantly adjusted in the same way as all other identification methods available within Fusion. 

"It's just fast! Better than fingerprints!"

- School Business Manager, Kingsmeadow School

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