Nutrition analysis made easy

Nutmeg is the complete nutritional platform for caterers, combining menu management, nutritional analysis and labelling for the education market.

Helping schools meet food standards

Nutmeg’s intuitive recipe analysis function is inclusive of special dietary requirements. Recipe data is stored in the database and includes raw ingredient weight and finished dish weight, with estimated nutrient losses through cooking.

Up to 14 macronutrients and micronutrients and overall energy concerning standards for your specific population group are analysed. Nutmeg highlights the causes of nutritional imbalances on menus and the colour-coded nutritional analysis shows the percentage in which nutrients exceed or fall short of the standards.

Simple menu management and costings breakdown 

Cycles of menus for up to 8 weeks can be saved and analysed for cost, nutrient content and dish frequency, with a spreadsheet provided to import suppliers’ and manufacturers’ data to the ingredient database. Reports to include the nutritional analysis of menus compared to guidelines can be produced by dish, day, or week.

Nutmeg produces a detailed analysis of item cost and nutritional breakdown in the menu in a spreadsheet. The cost of ingredients is recorded, allowing users to demonstrate trends in the ingredient cost base of their menu over time. Complete cost analysis of daily and weekly menus are automatically reported.

Natasha's Law and Labelling

Nutmeg offers seamless allergy identification and labelling. Allergen information is easily identified for all school menus and makes crucial information available to caterers, parents and pupils. Compliant PPDS labels are generated at the click of the button and updated in real-time through our recipe analysis feature.

Nutmeg allergy identification and labelling enables caterers to comply with Natasha's Law, a safeguarding measure that requires caterers to provide complete ingredient lists and allergen labelling on food pre-packaged for direct sale on school premises, protecting allergy sufferers.

“Nutmeg helps with special diets when planning menus, e.g., the carbohydrate count for pupils with diabetes.”

- Gary Borthwick, FM Area Manager at West Lothian Council

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