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Online Payments

Troubleshooting a problem with Online Payments

Please ensure you have provided your internet payments provider with an up-to-date list of students and check with your on-site I.T. team that your internet connection is working correctly. 

The first thing to ensure is that your software is running and you have an active internet connection. If the internet connection is interrupted, you will not receive any payments. Please contact your internet service provider, usually via your school I.T. department, to resume the connection. 

Restarting the application

The software can either run as a service or as an application on your P.C. or server. You will have a shortcut on the P.C. desktop if it runs as an application. 

To start or restart the application, double-click on the icon. The software will run in the background as a service if no icon is present. If you are unsure of how to access the background services, you should either restart the P.C. or contact your I.T. department. 

Open the application

After opening the application, there will be an icon in the system tray in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Clicking this will bring up the software window screen.

If the software works correctly, it will show the word "Running". If it says "Stopped", you can click on the start button to launch the software. You can then close the window by left-clicking the cross in the top right-hand corner of the window. The software will still be visible in the system tray. 

If payments are still not showing in the system, you can check the refiler software to see where the issue may lie. Double left-click on the refiler icon (this is a purple square with a pound sign and a yellow folder.) 

Any failed payments will be seen in a dialogue box. In most cases, the reason for failed payments is due to the I.D. number held in Impact not being the same as that held by your internet payments provider.

Revaluation Units

Reval maintenance
The tutorial video below shows how to keep the Reval unit working at its optimum performance through routine cleaning and checks. Keeping your system updated allows you to receive maximum return from your hardware investment.

Restarting reval units

If you have more than one Revaluation Unit (Reval) and have one machine which is not displaying any names, please restart the power to the unit.

If the unit is displaying account names but not accepting payments, check to see if anything is blocking the coin or note mechanism and that all the cables are firmly connected before restarting the unit. 
Multiple reval units

This would indicate an issue with the Reval Units connection to the back office P.C. Firstly, ensure the P.C. is switched on, the Reval software is open, and the P.C. has a working network connection.

Changes to the firewall on the P.C. could stop all the Reval units from connecting. 

After restarting the P.C., please check with the school I.T. department to see if any network changes have recently occurred.

Free School Meals

Troubleshooting problems with Free School Meals
Free school meal (FSM) allowances are added to eligible accounts as part of the Day End process. Entitled pupils will display a tick in the free meal box (in the EDIT screen of the users' section) within the Impact software.
If the free meal tick box is not selected, you may be able to manually tick the box and set a valid expiry date, which will put the allowance on the account straight away.
If the option to tick the box is not permitted (greyed out), then the MIS link controls the FSM entitlement changes. Please read the MIS integration guide below to check if this link is working.
If the free meal tick is shown, check the cash balance and free balance displayed on the USERS EDIT screen. If the cash balance is a negative figure, this can stop the allowance from working. To resolve this, you can allow an overdraft for the amount. This could be the account's amount in arrears, or you can settle the account completely. 
If the free balance is £0.00, check to see if the allowance has already been spent in Impact's Activity/Today section.
If both balances are correct within the Impact software but are not available to spend at the till, please check the allowance spend time to set up within the GROUP section of Impact.
If this is correct, check the time on the TILL or PC has not been changed. The time will be displayed in the bottom right-hand corner when the till or PC is first turned on.
If all of these seem to be in working order, please contact
Changing the FSM allocated daily value
To change the FSM amount allocated each day, open Impact and click on groups.
Next, highlight the group required and click edit. You can then change the free meal price on the right-hand side and click OK.
Once the price has been changed a DAYEND will need to be run to allocate this new amount. This will need to be done in advance of the first day of planned use. Please be aware if you have set spend limits to coincide with the FSM value, you will need to increase your daily spend limits to match. These are also located in the group edit window.

MIS Integration

Troubleshooting MIS integration
If you're experiencing problems with your MIS integration, these are some simple steps to check the integration is working correctly. 
1. Make sure the MIS application is working and accessible on the PC where the link occurs. 
If the link is not installed on the back office PC, check with your school I.T. department to see if the software is up to date on the system server.
2. Check that the Impact MIS BioUpdate scheduled task on the PC or server is running and completed successfully. Changes to domain accounts and passwords can also be due to scheduled tasks failing.
3. Check the MIS username provided to run the MIS link has not been altered and still has the relevant permissions.
How to manually run the MIS link
There are two versions of the MIS link we use. On the server hosting the link, you have either a Groupcall Xporter installed or a CRB MIS link.
If using Groupcall, there will be a shortcut on the desktop with a blue X as the icon. Once opened, there is a "Jobs" section where you can select the  "students" job to run on demand.
If you are using the CRB MIS link, there will be a scheduled task set up to run every hour. Again, you can run this on demand by accessing the scheduled tasks, selecting the MIS import task and clicking "Run".

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