Integrated Chip & Pin Solution for Cashless Customers

Schools can now facilitate fast, automatic card payments effortlessly with our Fusion cashless catering system. Chip & Pin enables pupils, staff, parents and visitors to pay for school transactions on a card payment device using a contactless card, debit/credit card and Google or Apple payments. Fully integrated into the Fusion cashless system, Chip & Pin eliminates time-consuming transactions and manual end-of-day processes.

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Fast and secure contactless transactions for all school users

Save staff valuable time eliminating the need to count card transactions manually.

Provides a no-hassle payment method for pupils, staff, parents and visitors as they can pay via a debit/credit card, Apple and Google pay and contactless card.


Increase uptake around the school, by offering Chip & Pin in the dining hall, shop, for events, and more.

Eliminate human error, with no manual input needed from staff.

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