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Automate your school processes online with iPayimpact, our online payment platform that is packed with features to manage all school income, reduce physical cash handling, and integrate seamlessly with our cashless systems.

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iPayimpact offers the highest level of security and protection

Security is our top priority

The highest level of compliance

At CRB Cunninghams we take payment security very seriously. Our online payments platform is both FCA regulated, and Level 1 PCI DSS compliant to protect parents when making payments online.

Our company also holds the QMS ISO 27001 to give our schools peace of mind knowing that our in-house family of products integrate seamlessly and are fully compliant with GDPR and the Data Protection Act.

Furthermore, CRB Cunninghams are governed by a PLC, which means we are fully audited to PLC standards. 


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UK schools using iPayimpact

Parents, guardians and teachers using iPayimpact

Transactions securely processed in an average school year

The perfect solution for all school stakeholders 

School leaders  
iPayimpact is trusted by school, councils, and MAT's

School teachers
Simple for teachers to use the pre-ordering and parental consent features

"iPayimpact has made things a lot easier for us. We've been able to save time on manual management and administration tasks that now no longer need to be done"

"The design and layout is very simple, which makes the system very easy-to-use"



"It saves me looking for change each week. I can also check how much money is on my child's account and top-up online when needed"

"I would definitely recommend iPayimpact to my friends"

Efficient management of ALL school purchases

Simple activation

iPayimpact automates your school payment processes to create substantial savings, both monetary and time-saving efficiencies. iPayimpact handles everything from catering payments, trips and events, school shop and parental consent within one central platform.

You will pay one of the cheapest rates available to UK schools, there are no setup fees, licence fees, or charges per pupil to use the software.

Seamlessly integrated

iPayimpact is already built within our Fusion cashless system, you simply need to activate it. Stop paying 3rd party costs to integrate your cashless system to other online payment providers, and know that your school processes are 100% GDPR compliant. 

We offer peace of mind knowing that our in-house family of products integrate seamlessly and are fully compliant with GDPR and the Data Protection Act.

Always ask your online payment provider to prove their data protection processes between integrated products.


Contactless payments

iPay seamlessly connects to your cashless system, which means that parents can top-up their child's account online; and pupils can see their live cashless balance via our pre-ordering app.

When pupils pre-order their lunch selection via Fusion Online, their cashless balance is adjusted accordingly meaning their lunch is already ordered and paid for ahead of lunchtime. The combination of iPay and Fusion Online means that schools can completely remove any physical transaction from the dining hall. 

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Simple online pre-ordering for Primary schools

Low balance notifications to parents help to reduce school debt

Vast reporting suite within iPayimpact including historical data

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